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The Man Who Was Paralyzed, Recovered

Abraham Ronsumre was a teacher at Newi Elementary School.

Abraham Ronsumre had been paralyzed for many years and the red fruit has helped him to recover. One day he was digging dirt for the foundation of a brick wall, when the bricks and stones slid on top of him. He was buried about 1 meter deep and totally covered with the bricks. Luckily, he was still alive considering the heavy weight of the material, but ended up paralyzed. Bystanders took him to the hospital; however he was unable to move his hands or lift his body up. The stone slide weakened all his nerves and he ended up paralyzed.

After several years went by, one of his nieces offered him the “red fruit” oil because it contains vitamins and minerals and a high dose of antioxidants.

Only a few days after consuming the “red fruit oil” he was able to move again. He was totally recovered after consuming 3 bottles of the “red fruit oil”. He still consumes the red fruit oil to prevent any relapse.




A brother of mine was having extra marital affairs with a woman who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS positive.

That same woman passed away about 3 1/2 years ago. Now, this brother and his 2 wives and children frequently get sick and all that comes to their mind is that they are also HIV Positive.

This is because they could see all the symptoms of HIV in their body.

This brother, together with his 2nd wife and 1 child started taking the red fruit oil expecting to be healed from that illness.

Last Friday I went to the village where they live and to my surprise, the woman said and I quote: “The medicine you bought for us is very


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Hak Cipta Tulisan Di Lindungi Oleh Hukum, dilarang mengutip sebagian atau seluruh isi dari tulisan ini dalam bentuk apapun tanpa ijin tertulis dari Penerbit Penebar Swadaya , Segala Tindakan yang Melanggar akan di tuntut sesuai dengan hukum yang berlaku.


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