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Why Is Pandanous Conoideus (Red Fruit / Buah Merah)

We are interesting facts found at origin area with local inhabitants as direct consumers of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah), they always look fit although they do not use any clothes. Do not hesitate with their stamina as they always walk up and down to the mountain and across the forest every day.

One more attractive example is we never see goiter sufferer since people at upland usually found with goiter problem because of the lackness iodine consumed. As additional information, they always consume this fruits as medicine for skin and eye.

Contents of the active ingredients

The facts pull up researchers to develop any research for finding out the advantages of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah). Not only research from LIPI, Research Institutions but private examined this fruit too. By conducted several searches, Finally I made budi found out pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)has high active compound. The active compounds are carotene, betakaroten, tokoferol, and fat acid such as linoleat acid, oleat acid and decanoat acid.


PH test



Oleate Acid

Linoleic Acid

Linoleate Acid






Total Amount

Total of carotenoid

Total of Tocopherol

Beta carotene

Alpha Tocopherol


12.000 part per million

11.000 part per million

700 part per million

500 part per million



Below 0.1 milligrams per litter


0.61 milligrams per litter


4.61 milligrams per litter


Below 1.2 milligrams per litter


Below 0.001 milligrams per litter


Below 0.002 milligrams per litter


Not detected


Not detected

Total bacteria

1.6 x 10 3 colony per milliliter

Coli form

Below 3.6 MPN per milliliter

E. Coli

Below 3.6 MPN per milliliter

Salmonella Sp


Content of Active Ingredients on Buah Merah Extraction

By its content,  pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) is very good as antioxide to neutralize free radical which is caused by many diseases.

Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) is so high anticancer body which has high antioxide and able to prevent and break off the chain of free radical carcinogen compound that caused cancer and tumor. This is the reason why pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) is believed as anticancer.

Betakaroten and tokoferol are the main compound to overcome antistroke and coroner heart attack. Betakaroten moves so slowly to the fleck accumulation of artery. It could protect the blood circulation to the heart and brain, so it could prevent stroke and heart attack. While tokoferol could decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase HDL. Because synergy from both compounds, people who has problem with heart attack and stroke feel much better such as smoothly respiration, blood tension and normal heartbeat.

The high content of fatty acid particularly omega 3 and omega 9 in  pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) help very well in headling of many diseases. Content of protein with unsaturated fatty acid in Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)  could easily digest by human body then it will increase metabolism. In hepatitis case liver could regenerate the broken liver cells faster.

Fatty acid in  Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) has unique characteristic as antibiotic and antivirus. Fatty acid could be weak and dissolved membrane of lipida virus then it could block and push virus. It happens on hepatitis virus.

Alternative Solution besides Chemical Treatment

Back to nature is knocking over many sides of life not only in Indonesia but also in many sides in the world recently. Awareness of human to synchronize with nature increase. It is also happen in medicine treatment.

Medicine plant is more considerably good besides chemical medicine. Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah), as one type of medicine plants is more interested.

Advantages of medicine plants could be seen at Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) which is safe to consume and no significant effect. As known, Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) has become daily part of Papua communities and has been consumed for long time. Until now there is no bad side effect founded in the communities. The effect is only for increasing stamina and using for illness treatment, this is the waiting advantages for degenerative disease sufferers( for example diabetes, hypertension, uric acid, cancer and so forth) who consume medicine in long time without worried about the direct effect for human body like chemical do.



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