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Type of MBM Products



1. Oil
Extract Oil of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) is the first launched product. The product got an amazing response from the consumers. The loyal consumer of MBM has spread throughout Indonesia.
The packaging is available for 2 (two) packages, one is 120 ml and 250 ml. The products are packaged in transparent bottle so the consumer could see the content clearly. It is very important because the consumer could see the color, density level, and possibility the existence of sediment. We do not wish the consumer buy a pig in a poke.
To protect a long direct contact with the sunshine which could break content of the active compound, the bottle is protected with out package in shape of interesting carton.
Indication and use direction
Traditionally is used for the treatment or cancer and help to increase the immune system.
"Red Fruit Oil" is taken orally
For medication, take 1 tablespoon of red fruit oil 2-3 times each day
For prevention, improving stamina and eliminate fatigue and stiffness, also for body refreshment, simply take 1 tablespoon each day.
For children under 10 years old, consume half of the adult dosage.
It is recommended to drink plain water before and after taking the "pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) oil". Do not consume pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) oil when your stomach empty.

Indication and recommended dosage

1. For healthy person, as a supplement PCO can be taken to improve stamina and increase body's immune system. Take 1 tablespoon each day regularly for those with high activities. For those with low and mild activities, take 1 tablespoon each day, once every 2 days.
2 For medication, PCO can be used to help people suffering from many diseases. The recommended dosage is maximum 3x1 tablespoon each day regularly. After recover or getting better, the consumption of PCO is still recommended but by using the dosage for healthy person.
- To help curing tumor and cancer, take 3x1 tablespoon PCO each day regularly.
- To help managing diabetes type 2, take 2x1 tablespoon each day, 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the afternoon. To help curing diseases caused by microbial infections, take 2x1 tablespoon each day, 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening.
- To help curing heart attack, hypertension/stroke and lowering cholesterol level, take 3x1 tablespoon PCO each day regularly.


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