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Figure: Minyak Buah Merah is the only company that received an Award from Indonesia government for continuation of pandanus conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) conducting.

As an alternative medicine pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) is very phenomenal. For a short term pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) becomes a  topic of conversation not only in Indonesia but also the world starts to interest in its intensity. Testimony of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) appeared so many that its strengthen the conviction about the success on  treatment then its popularity increase amazingly.
Since Pandanous conoideus / red fruit Oil launched, consumers amazingly responded. That unpredictable reaction is supporting us to give the best service for consumers. As Producer we are not only responsible to produce high quality pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) Oil but also develop product through continual research. We make collaboration with a few research institutions like Indonesian Institute of science (LIPI) to control our qualities and product development. Now we are combining Pandanous conoideus / red fruit and VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) as our new product diversification with Indonesian Institute of science. Our Pandanous conoideus / red fruit has registered at Departemen Kesehatan RI (Department of health RI) and POM (Indonesia Food and Drug Administration).
This website is published with a great respect of our moral responsibility to represent the true information about  pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) among communities.
Closer Recognizing about pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)
 At present,  pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) has known not only for people who has diseases but also for communities with healthy life concerned. It is not surprising us when some people have opinion that pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) is God's help as an  alternative treatment since medication is hardly to find.

Amazing fruit from papua

Buah merah (pandanus conoides lam) is a wild plant which almost grow at all Papua region. But most population could seen at Jayawijaya mountain area(Wamena and Tolikara), Jayapura, Manokwari, Nabire, Timika, and Ayamaru Sorong.

Local inhabitants has known this plant as foodstuff and natural dye for generations.

Traditionally they are also sure that pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) safely consume for skin and eye medicine, and worm treatment beside food supplement as the other side advantage. So they has felt the intensity of this pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)   long time ago.


Taxonomy and Morphology of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)

In papua area grow around 30 cultivar of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah). But only 4 variety which has high economy value among others such as merah panjang (long red), merah pendek (short red), cokelat (brown), and kuning (yellow).  Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) which is now used as medicine is merah panjang (long red) variety. The size is around 100 cm length and 18 cm diameter length. The fruit has blunt edge, cylindrical shape, and heart point with 7.5 kg  weight.

fruit form pandanous family has specific characteristic than other fruits like its content of very concentrated red color as a signal that fruit has high beta carotene.



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